I’ve always had skin issues. I’m 32 years old and learning how to properly take care of my skin, (and just as important, how NOT to treat it), has been a huge learning curve.

As someone with naturally oily skin and extremely prone to breakouts, buying products at the store was always a gamble. My friends would rave about a certain product and I would run home and try it, only to find it didn’t have the same effect on my skin. Usually, it ended in disaster: swollen eyes, acne, dry patches.

After hours and mountains of research, I began making my own skincare products out of all-natural ingredients. My hobby slowly turned into a small online business, and one day I received an email from a customer about her skin journey: she had always suffered with self-esteem issues due to her problematic skin, but after using my products for a few weeks, her skin was clearing, and she even left the house without makeup. She was so grateful for the change in her skin, and I will always carry that feeling with me. It inspired me to pursue Esthetics as a career, so I could continuously learn about my own skin, and how to make others feel confident in theirs.

Understanding your skin is the key to unlocking its full, glowing potential. Crystal Esthetics was developed and founded upon this principle, and is dedicated to customizing each experience around the individual. My variety of skincare and beautification services serve to emphasize your natural assets.

I love talking skin and beauty, so always feel free to contact me or stop by and ask me any questions!

Education & Certifications

• Licensed Esthetician in Oregon and Washington

  • DMK Paramedical Skin Therapist

• Certified in Dermaplaning (Epithelial Leveling) & Microneedling

• Continuing Education with Circadia Advanced Esthetics Courses